Eurinvest Flexible Fund


Through the use of a flexible asset allocation, this fund aims to achieve a steady performance by participating in rising markets as well as limiting the equity exposure in bear markets. The fund is worldwide invested with a broad diversification in all asset classes.

The managers have access to the whole range of investment tools and can exploit opportunities as well in the global main markets as  in smaller market niches.

The flexible approach rests on 3 criteria:

  • macro-economic approach,
  • valorisation of assets
  • market trends

The selection and the exposure to the different managers in the portfolio is monitored by Eurinvest Partners,  based on our global view of the markets.

YTD (Year to date)-2.68%
MTD (Month to date)+1.19%
Yearly volatility12.93%
Investment Process: 

The flexibility and capacity of reaction is at the base of Eurinvest Partners’ philosophy.

Therefore, we base our selection of fund managers on the following principles :

  • Consistent strategy and real flexibility proved in the past
  • Stable investment team & management own money invested in the fund is a plus
  • Limited size of amount managed by the fund managers in order to be able to remain flexible
  • A limited number of managers inside the portfolio ( 4 to 6 ) in order to avoid a « neutralization » phenomenon
  • Each of the selected managers have a global approach and has an expertise in all asset classes
  • No leverage, no hedge funds

Eurinvest Flexible is a global patrimonial investment solution that provides you :

  • A consistent return
  • A low(er) volatility tool than the classic « single manager fund »
  • An appropriate solution to changing market environment
Legal Form Luxembourg Sicav – SIF
ISIN LU1650583302 ( Share Class R) ; LU1650583054 (share Class I)
Deposit Bank Degroof Petercam Luxembourg
Management fee Share Class I : 0.65% ; Share Class R : 0.90%
Minimum investment Share Class I : 1 M EUR ; Share Class R : 125.000 EUR
Title Publication date File
Flexible-I-July 2020 Friday 31 July 2020 PDF icon SIF Flexible July 2020 I.pdf
Flexible-I-June 2020 Tuesday 30 June 2020 PDF icon SIF Flexible June 2020 I.pdf
Flexible-I-May 2020 Friday 29 May 2020 PDF icon SIF Flexible May 2020 I.pdf
Flexible-I-April 2020 Thursday 30 April 2020 PDF icon SIF Flexible April 2020 I.pdf
Flexible-I-March 2020 Tuesday 31 March 2020 PDF icon SIF Flexible March 2020 I.pdf
Flexible-I-February 2020 Saturday 29 February 2020 PDF icon SIF Flexible February 2020 I.pdf
Flexible-I-January 2020 Friday 31 January 2020 PDF icon SIF Flexible January 2020 I.pdf
Flexible-I-December 2019 Tuesday 31 December 2019 PDF icon SIF Flexible December 2019 I.pdf
Flexible-I-September 2019 Monday 30 September 2019 PDF icon SIF Flex I September 2019.pdf
Prospectus September 2019 Sunday 1 September 2019 PDF icon Prospectus SIF EURINVEST Sept2019.pdf
Flexible-I-August 2019 Saturday 31 August 2019 PDF icon SIF Flex I August 2019.pdf
Flexible-I-July 2019 Wednesday 31 July 2019 PDF icon SIF Flex I July 2019.pdf
Flexible-I-June 2019 Sunday 30 June 2019 PDF icon SIF Flex I June 2019.pdf
Flexible-I-May 2019 Friday 31 May 2019 PDF icon SIF Flex I May 2019.pdf
Flexible-I-April 2019 Tuesday 30 April 2019 PDF icon SIF Flex I April 2019.pdf
Flexible-I-March 2019 Friday 29 March 2019 PDF icon SIF Flex I March 2019.pdf
Flexible-I-December 2018 Monday 31 December 2018 PDF icon SIF Flex I December 2018.pdf
Flexible-I-November 2018 Friday 30 November 2018 PDF icon SIF Flex I November 2018.pdf
Flexible-I-October 2018 Wednesday 31 October 2018 PDF icon SIF Flex I October 2018.pdf
Flexible-I-September 2018 Friday 28 September 2018 PDF icon SIF Flex I September 2018.pdf
Flexible-I-August 2018 Friday 31 August 2018 PDF icon SIF Flex August 2018.pdf
Flexible-I-July 2018 Tuesday 31 July 2018 PDF icon SIF Flex I July 2018.pdf
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