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Eurinvest Partners is convinced that only a flexible asset allocation approach can deliver strong performance in a long run, especially in the current volatile and highly leveraged environment we live in.

Eurinvest Partners offers discretionary management services for private and institutional clients.
We establish an investment profile for each of our clients in accordance with MiFID2 rules (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive).
Based on their financial knowledge, assets, risk tolerances and performance expectations, we offer the following 3 profiles:




0% to
maximum 30%

in shares or similar

20% to 80%

in shares or similar

minimum 70%
to 100%

in shares or similar

With our long experience in the financial markets, we believe that a flexible allocation of investments is the best guarantee of a good long-term performance. In fact, reducing the losses in the downward phases makes it possible not to have to take undue risks in the upward phases to recover these losses. In addition to the responsiveness of our investment decisions, the flexibility of our approach is also reflected in the use and active selection of structured products, flexible funds, holding shares with low Beta. The application is made thanks to a subtle mix of funds from Eurinvest Partners and third-party solutions, in a personalized approach (minimum EUR 1 million).

Remember that a 20% decline in your portfolio requires a return of 25% to return to its original level.

Our solutions

Defensive Fund

Management to participate in market developments while limiting the risk of loss.
This fund makes use of structured products, option strategies and other asymmetric solutions that add up small investments in non-equity asset classes. The fund represents the sum of small, diversified risks that give low volatility. This management is done via a fund with a minimum invested amount of 250,000 eur.

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Fund of Flexible Funds

Selection and monitoring of flexible third-party global funds with a focus on funds of limited size and funds in which managers are personally invested.
This management can be considered as the diversified base of your portfolio and requires to adapt according to the expectations of markets. The objective is clearly a robust performance with moderate volatility over an economic cycle. This management is done via a fund with a minimum invested amount of 250,000 eur.

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Holdings Management

Discretionary management in the universe of Holdings companies. This investment universe offers various advantages (substantial discount, diversification, access to private equity positions within the Holdings, entrepreneurial and family approach ...) that the manager uses to deliver a recurring outperformance compared to the major stock indexes. This management is done directly in your portfolio and for a minimum amount of 1M eur.

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Management dedicated to legal entities, family holdings and management companies that want to benefit from the RDT-DBI regime (Dividend Received Deduction) in their portfolio diversification. This management is offered through two sub-funds of the SICAV Eurinvest UCITS; one investing in the Holdings companies’ universe and the other in developed markets equities; principally in mid-caps. The objective is to deliver a performance in line and ideally higher than the main stock market indices.

Global Equities RDT-DBI Holdings RDT-DBI


Index-based management to replicate the equity performance of the main regions of the world. This management has the double advantage of being very diversified at very low costs. We are able to build and manage a bespoke portfolio exposing you to various other regions of the world according to different criteria (weight of regions in stock market terms or in economic terms via their Gross Domestic Product).

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Niche Players (via Fund)

Although attractive, smaller funds are not selected by large market participants who need to invest in large funds. It is common to see that managers are excellent as long as they manage assets of a reasonable size (EUR 50 to 500 M). Our mission is to select them, include them in your portfolio and monitor them so that these "niche players" bring you a performance significantly higher than that of large stock market indices.

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Eurinvest Partners can help you solve a specific financial problem; whether it is the analysis of complex portfolios composed of a large number of positions, the verification of your costs, the calculation of contributions to the performance, the evaluation of the risks or the setting up of specific coverages, or strategies investment in derivatives.

Eurinvest Partners offers the PaxFamilia service to its customers. PaxFamilia is a software similar to a digital safe or a family office app enabling a global view on the assets of a family. Also, to the end of organizing the transmission of these assets. We help the clients gather and put on this app all their patrimonial data.
Eurinvest Partners stands next to its clients, and collaborates with Family Offices and external jurists, to accompany the estate planning process. We help consolidate all kinds of assets, control the asset management costs of third parties, choose a custodian bank,....

Finally, we give great importance to the sustainability of the heritage and educate the next generations to the management of these assets.