Flexible Defensive

Enhanced cash solution applying
a multi-asset alternative approach


Flexible Defensive, sub-fund of Eurinvest SIF, is an actively managed multi-asset fund which offers an alternative to cash with limited downside.

The fund invests globally in various assets classes ranging from equities to fixed income through third-party funds, but also in commodities, structured products and currencies. The fund has the possibility to use derivatives for hedging or yield enhancement.

The fund’s investment strategy relies on market dislocation opportunities leading to nonlinear return profile (convexity) that are difficult to replicate through a classic management approach.
To exploit these opportunities, the fund’s asset allocation is flexible and defined on a discretionary manner by our Investment Managers, ensuring a defensive asset allocation in every market condition. The decision process is based on our view of the market. It is derived from three pillars: macro-economics, fundamentals, and market trends. Those trends are discussed amongst our firm’s Investment Managers during our monthly Investment Committee.
The Flexible Defensive total risky-assets exposure can reach up to 30% of net total assets value.

Despite its defensive stance, the fund is able to create value through both its outstanding third-party funds selection and derivatives competencies of managers, key unique expertise developed within Eurinvest Partners.

Asset Allocation

Risk Indicator

For more information about the Fund risks, please refer to the Fund prospectus and KIIDS

Equity Geographic Exposure


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Flexible Defensive Prospectus

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