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Jan Longeval : Gold remains a safe asset against global chaos

Jan Longeval is the owner of Kounselor Consulting and Senior Advisor at Eurinvest Partners. He was interviewed by Jurgen Vluijmans for the Investment Officer (20th September 2022). He shared his tactical and long term view on the evolution of gold price and its status of safe haven amid global chaos.

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Quo Vadis ? He who controls Taiwan, controls the world

Quo Vadis is Eurinvest Partners’ new Economic and Financial Newsletter, written by our Senior Advisor Jan Longeval. On the basis of in-depth and independent research, it aims to shed light on some of the world’s most important economic , financial and geopolitical themes.

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An efficient multi-asset solution

Based in Luxembourg, Eurinvest Partners is an asset management company with a branch in Belgium. It manages around 600 million € assets and employs 15 people for approximately 150 clients. The three partners of the company detail the strategies they use.

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The pandemic has slowed share buybacks in Belgium

While everywhere else companies are again buying back their own shares en masse, their own shares, their peers listed on Euronext Brussels are more reserved. Share buybacks are more than 50% lower than they were before the pandemic.

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