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Our expertise give access to a wide array of strategies while covering a large range of financial assets along the risk spectrum

Our team possess a long standing and unique financial expertise built on four pillars: Holdings, Stock Picking,
Alternative Investments and Funds Open Architecture.

Our expertise are complementary and enables our clients to construct diversified portfolios with lower strategies intercorrelation and lower operational risk. It has been built on more than 50 years of cumulative experience and shape a rich  ecosystem non-replicable by traditional financial institutions.



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Since Equities are a major component of modern portfolio asset allocations, it is a critical challenge to properly implement an appropriate risk-adjusted return equity strategy.
We firmly believe ‘the market is always right’ on the long term, however market dislocations may appear regularly. Consequently, Eurinvest Partners provides pure active management strategies driven by our strong convictions to profit from those arising opportunities.

In this context, Eurinvest Partners established two complementary long-only approaches.
On the one hand, traditional stock picking based on thorough fundamental financial analysis of companies, strengthened by in-depth sector and market analysis.
On the other hand, we developed a “quantamental” approach, a blend of quantitative and fundamental analysis. While making the best possible use of quantitative models, we believe in the added value of human decision and conviction in our investment process over the long run.

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Holding companies are companies that do not carry out operational activities themselves but whose activities consist of taking financial stakes in listed and/or unlisted companies. Generally, Holding companies are controlled by historical family shareholders. Investing in Holding companies therefore means opting for immediate diversification with a long-term vision.

Acquiring a thorough knowledge of the sector is essential as the selection is quite tricky.
Indeed, Holding companies can manage more than a hundred of underlying interests in various sectors.
In addition, market value of Holdings generally diverges from their intrinsic value. This phenomenon is represented as a “discount” and results from complex factors (strategy, structure, shareholdings, etc.).

The know-how and skills of our experts, coupled with our proprietary “mean reversion” valuation model, allows us to benefit from temporary market irrationalities and the perks of investing in Holdings companies while minimizing the inherent risk.

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Yves Colot

Yves Colot

Chief Financial Officer

Loïc Parmentier

Loïc Parmentier

Associate Risk Manager

As its name suggests, Alternative Investment differs from Traditional Investment as it benefits from the infinite possibilities inherent to derivatives instruments.

The use of derivatives has long been forgotten by banks or restricted to large institutional investors despite allowing direct access to a large panel of underlyings (e.g., equities, fixed-income, commodities, currency, interest rates, volatility, etc.).

Eurinvest Partners believe that the potential of derivatives can be fully appreciated while implementing various strategies (neutral, contrarian, levered, etc.) to properly manage risk levels.
Even though those instruments are highly technical, our long-dated expertise in derivatives gives the opportunity to hedge or leverage a portfolio depending on the risk tolerance of our clients.

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Jean-Marc Michelet

Jean-Marc Michelet

Chief Executive Officer

Virgile Gits

Virgile Gits

Investment Associate

Besides our niche expertise, Eurinvest Partners does not pretend to own extensive competencies and resources to cover the broad financial universe in depth.
Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive expertise of funds selection to access the skills of leading investment managers around the globe and hence optimize our clients’ portfolio.

Our Funds Open Architecture is carefully selecting a collection of ‘top best performing funds’ in the financial industry. It combines both in-house and external funds, providing investors the ability to cover the entire scope of assets classes, strategies, thematic and access additional expertise.

Our main assumption is based on the philosophy that best-in-class niche expertise has been progressively forgotten over passive investments, even though we are convinced they could perform on the long run within an appropriate asset allocation.

Since ESG – Environment Social Governance – investing accelerates in demand, several key trends are emerging, from climate change to social unrest. It is a plural and constantly evolving concept but Eurinvest has chosen to embrace this trend as it believes investment should be beneficial to all stakeholders, clients, collaborators, suppliers, civil society and the environment.

Our goal is to offer a differentiating and innovative investment approach.
Therefore, we establish an ESG fund selection embedded in our Fund Open Architecture, allowing clients to benefit from the best-in-class ESG third-party funds available.

Our experts

Our dedicated solutions

Our expertise, your financial edge

Our complementary niche expertise combined to our risk-adjusted return approach are perfectly suited to adequately achieve your investment objectives.

Best-in-class niche expertise

We create value for our clients by covering less crowded and exclusive investment opportunities, offering a real edge to deliver long-term returns.

Risk control

Our investment process is driven by a risk-adjusted return framework and hence provide optimized investment solutions adapted to your risk profile.

Alignement of interests

Our partners are invested across our solutions alongside our clients.
This common interest ensures that we are fully committed to client’s objectives and aspirations.

Dedicated Investment Team

We give our clients exclusive access to over a century of cumulative nonreplicable experiences and strong track records in developing and implementing our unique investment strategies.

Holistic framework

Our complementary expertise enables an optimal holistic approach for portfolio construction. Expertise specific features allow to cover the full spectrum of risk and return targets, defined by our clients’ profile.