At Eurinvest Partners, we are aware of the impact of our activities, as a company and as a member of the financial industry, on the planet. We have a duty to reduce the effects of this impact as much as possible, which is why Eurinvest Partners must take into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria in its investment decisions and in its long-term growth vision.

For an integration of ESG criteria

We have a duty to meet the needs and aspirations of current and future generations by applying an investment management policy that takes into account sustainability, transparency, and capital preservation criteria.

This is why our investment management policy pays particular attention to the impact of investments on the real economy and the world, in compliance with SFDR (ESG) regulations.

It applies to all our services and to the financial instruments that are part of our investment universe.

With sustainability risk control

Eurinvest Partners integrates sustainability risks in its investment decisions. In addition, we also pay attention to ESG dimensions when selecting external managers.

Eurinvest Partners also integrates the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) in its investment selection criteria. These aim to encourage companies to integrate fundamental responsibilities into their business activities.

Towards responsible finance

By integrating ESG criteria into our activities, we want to participate in the evolution of our societies and positively influence our counterparts, so that they too can make sustainable decisions and have an impact on the world of tomorrow:

  • Environmental: limiting global warming and fighting against air, land and water pollution
  • Social: developing sustainable and quality relationships with all stakeholders
  • Governance: developing a sustainable business and organizational model

Eurinvest Partners is strongly committed to reconciling ESG criteria with traditional risk and return factors.

Our Policies: