PV Buyback USA

Leveraging academic research
to outperform financial markets


PV Buyback USA, sub-fund of DIM Funds SICAV, is a long-only equity fund focused on small and medium capitalization companies listed on the US equity market.

The fund investment strategy is grounded on the idea that share buybacks are signals for undervaluation. To identify those firms where the repurchase is most likely motivated by undervaluation, the Fund has developed a systematic approach analyzing 4 factors: fundamental valuation, size, momentum, motivation statement.

After a quantitative screening, the investment strategy becomes more qualitative and looks deeper into companies having a high score in the model, considering fundamental data, recent press releases and filings as well as insiders trading notifications.

The strategy is backed by 30 years of academic research from our fund Managers, Theo Vermaelen and Urs Peyers, both academics working at INSEAD with a strong track record in developing and implementing their investment strategy on Buybacks.

PV Buyback USA performances has been outstanding beating the Russell 2000, its benchmark, since its inception.

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For more information about the Fund risks, please refer to the Fund prospectus and KIIDS

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PV Buyback USA Monthly Report August 2021

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PV Buyback USA Prospectus

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PV Buyback USA B-share KIID

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