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Article of Trends Tendance with the contribution of the 3 Managing Partners

Based in Luxembourg, Eurinvest Partners is an asset management company with a subsidiary in Belgium. It manages around 600 million € assets and employs 15 people for approximately 150 clients. The three partners of the company detail the strategies they use.

Jean-Marc Michelet, CEO

“Our company focuses on niche management strategies that are rarely found elsewhere and on active management. Its three partners each have their own specificity and expertise. Mine is risk management linked to our defensive fund, in which we achieve a Sharpe Ratio – i.e. a risk/return ratio – close to 1. Since the beginning of 2021, we are at 2.68 with a volatility of 2.41%. In the current context of low or even negative interest rates, a defensive fund is essential; it allows a certain performance with the lowest possible risk.”

Yves Colot, Managing Partner

“For my part, I focus on listed family holdings throughout the world. These are long-term investment tools and we are not in the business of trading. Accompanying families in their investments allows us to have exposure to private equity and listed companies through these listed holdings. Our model is based on holding company discounts and the reversion to the average of these discounts, as well as on events such as the simplification of the holding structure. For example, we determine whether cascading holding companies still make sense or whether they are likely to disappear. Through 45 holding companies, we are invested in several hundred listed and unlisted companies. This ensures a good diversification for our clients.

Thomas de Mevius, Managing Partner

“My expertise lies in the structuring and management of equity funds within Eurinvest. On the one hand, the DIM Funds – PV Buyback USA was launched in 2011 and today has more than $85 million under management. This fund invests only in US and Canadian stocks that buy back their own shares on the stock exchange (share buybacks). Within this theme, we select companies that we believe are undervalued using a primarily quantitative model. Since its launch, this fund has achieved an annualized return of around 15%. On the other hand, since March 2019 we have been managing an RDT SICAV of more than 110 million euros with two sub-funds: one relates to Holdings (and Quality stocks); the other to global equities: the Global Equities. The approach here is also quantitative but also multifactor.”


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Managing Partners

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